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Welcome to Huntlytics
Huntlytics is a Product Hunt analytics platform that uses the Twitter and PH api to get insights on your favorite posts.
(Twitter gives us better insight into who votes)

You can use this service without Twitter,
but all you'll see is the historical vote data.
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Reach and Growth Data
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Based on recent tweets and the keyword
Huntlytics is a little tool that uses both the Product Hunt and Twitter api. Created by Shubham Naik while procrastinating.

Why can't I search by name?
The Product Hunt API does not support name search at the moment. But I'll add it in when it becomes available.

How can I find an ID?
If you use an html inspector on the vote button on PH you can find the id of the Product associated with that vote button.

1. Search for a Product.

2. Right click on the vote button and go to your inspector.

3. The id will be there!

Try these IDs out
9, 4000, 5496, 6644

Send me an email at shub@hubyard.com or sent me a message to @theforthwall

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Click the source button check out the source code via github.

Help me out!
Like the project? Want to help me pay for college? Send me some bitcoins (1FfZ8oKJ7bToMUuomrCYtkbPdQ35o5uxdF) or donate directly. (It helps me buy domain names and more storage (if necessary))